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Windstorm Insurance for Businesses

Windstorm Insurance for Businesses

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Wind can cause serious damage for your business. Vehicles or commercial property can suffer incredible damage in a matter of moments during a tremendous windstorm. More often than not, it’s impossible to predict how strong or how quickly a windstorm can sweep through your business location. Windstorm insurance, combined with some simple preparation tips, provides protection against sudden and serious damage.

While even strong and secure properties can accumulate damage quickly during a windstorm, business owners can take extra steps to protect the business property. For example, roof sheathing and shingles should be securely nailed, business property shingles should be rated for high wind advisories, and siding and windows should be securely attached. Business owners concerned with the critical effects of a windstorm should conduct a seasonal audit of their building to determine weaknesses.

In addition, it’s vital that every business owner obtain windstorm protection to reduce the likelihood of expensive losses of windstorm damage.

Choosing a windstorm policy is an important business decision. Your policy will provide you valuable protection against the damage from a major windstorm, allowing you to repair or replace your valuable physical business aspects. Filing a claim will provide you the opportunity to recover losses and give you the peace of mind that your building is protected.

Our experienced team is prepared to help you find the ideal policy for your individual needs. We have many years of experience working with numerous businesses across Texas, linking customers all over the state with critical windstorm protection. There are many questions to consider before purchasing a final policy, such as:

  • What’s the premium I’ll pay for this policy?

  • What is the deductible I’ll be responsible for in the event of a windstorm?

  • What wind-related “perils” or damages are covered under my policy?

  • Am I eligible for any discounts on my policy? Will I become eligible for any discounts later in my policy period?

  • How does the claims process work?

  • Are there any surcharges associated with my policy?

  • If the damage is done from a storm such as a hurricane or rainstorm, will I still be able to receive benefits from my policy?

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