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A commercial package policy (also known as a CPP), is a package developed for your individual business needs and includes two or more coverage types within the policy itself. We have years of experience working directly with our customers to design a commercial package policy for your personalized needs. We'll match the risk profile of your business with the type of policy that you need. Generally, the most popular forms of coverage in a commercial package policy are inland marine, crime, equipment breakdown, commercial auto, commercial general liability, and commercial property. We'll work with you to help you get the right amount and type of coverage from one of the top carriers that we work with.

Purchasing a commercial package policy is a great way to get discounts on your coverage, since purchasing the policies together will often help to reduce your costs. The biggest benefit of a commercial package policy is that you can customize the coverage types depending on your exact need.

It's important to remember that generally workers' compensation coverage is not included as part of a commercial package policy. Directors' and Officers' liability or fiduciary liability will also be written separately from your commercial package policy. You can, however, add specialized property, liability coverage extension, or business income coverage onto this policy.

The eligible types of businesses for a commercial package policy include processing and service companies, retail operations, office-based businesses, and light manufacturing companies. Commercial property coverage will protect you whether you own the business property or you are leasing it, and that property can be insured as actual cash value or replacement cost value. Inland marine coverage protects movable or moving property, and commercial auto coverage insures the vehicles that you own and use in the course of your business. Finally, general liability coverage is critical for protecting your business against claims of wrongdoing or negligence. All of these types of coverage can be obtained through a commercial package policy.

Contact us today to begin designing the commercial package policy aligned directly with your business risks. The cost in time and money to ward off claims of negligence or other losses can be devastating for businesses. Don't expose your business to the hassle of claims or equipment losses. Protect your assets and your investment in your business with a commercial package policy. We'll work directly with you to assess your risk and determine the ideal fit for you. No two businesses are the same, and our years of experience allow us to narrow in on the coverage for your risks.

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